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Photography Terms & Conditions


Payment Terms & Conditions

  • Deposit for wedding or prewedding photography required to hold the date. Family Photography required a full payment. We will send a confirmation letter after the deposit or full payment is received.
  • Full payment should be received before the event’s day. Bank transfer or online payment must be transferred 1 week earlier than the event’s date and please pay in full amount. Some bank fees or charges will be the buyer’s/customer’s responsibility. If you don’t mind check your nearby bank for the transfer charge. Some of the time the sum that you sent is not the same as we received. If this case happened then we will send you a print screen of our account and calculated it as the sum that we received.
    I recommend using Wise or formerly TransferWise (https://wise.com/) for low remittance charges and very fast compared to normal bank overseas transfer method.
    We will charge 5% extra charges if pay through Paypal.
  • Deposit payment for wedding or prewedding photography is not refundable if any cancellation happens with the exception of power majeure happened.
    Family photography payment may have a full refund if canceled before 2 weeks (14 days) from the shooting date.
  • Photographer/videographer obligation might be restricted to a full refund of any deposits and charges paid if any unexpected power majeure happened.

Photography Terms and Condition

  • Photographs delivery time may vary.
    Pre-wedding photograph session: 20 working days after the service date in low season up to 45 working days after the service date in high season period.
    Wedding photography: subject to duration of photography services. The more drawn out of photography services implies we will produce more photographs and it will require longer time for post processing. For the most part we may convey the outcome in 20 working days after the service date in low season or maximum 60 working days in high season.
    Some packages included album and album delivery time will be around 2 months. We will send a layout to approve before we print.
  • For the most part we do wedding photography in photojournalistic or sincere style. We will take the moment around us. In the event that you have any photographs demand with somebody or any set up images/pictures, please inform ahead of time. Any photography requests with somebody, location or style can’t be authentically taken. The greater part of the requests ought to be a set up pictures, even it looks natural, however need to set up to be that way.
  • We attempt to cover as much photographs as we can, but sometimes the wedding location is too huge and some of the time we have to travel from one point then onto the next point. We can’t cover anything during our travel time. In the event that you hold your venue in enormous resort or have 2 distinct locations for getting prepared and the wedding ceremony, then I recommend to arrange carefully and get some information about what sort of photographs that you truly need to have before the photographer leave to other wedding region.
  • We only give JPEG format of photographs. Any request of RAW format will occur extra handling charge.
  • All copyrights have a place with photographer(s); he/she has the privilege to utilize/demonstrate some photographs to different customers for marketing purpose.  Please visit these websites for more understanding about copyright of photos.

File delivery and file handling

The expected number of photos are vary subject to the type of package that you took.
For pre-wedding photos, it could be around 20-40 photos per location; family and wedding may be up to 40-100 photos per service hour. Standard editing, color correction, and brightness adjustment are applied to all deliverable photos. We don’t do digital image manipulation to reduce or add one or some objects in the photo.

All of the delivery of the photos will be by download link from our cloud storage. Most of them we compressed in advance and please download it from your laptop or PC instead of your handphone. Album is the only physical item that needs to ship by courier.

Lifetime Storage

Since a lot of USB or hard disk failure issues in the past years, now we offer lifetime cloud’s storage. As long as you got the link then your photos or videos could be accessed anywhere and anytime.
Although our cloud storage is valid for lifetime, we aren’t responsible for any data damaged/corrupted or total loss that is caused by the cloud storage’s provider.  Therefore making your own backup is necessary.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiry