Iwan - Bali based wedding photographer

Do you still remember about old film cameras, 35mm film rolls that only could take 40 shots at most and manual focusing lenses? It’s been a long journey. Today, when I look back, I can still feel the thrill of working with my first SLR camera which needed film rolls.  So, from SLR to DSLR to modern-day digital cameras, the journey has been a fascinating one. Initially, it was just a hobby. I used to go out with my camera and take shots of whatever caught my fancy. Slowly, it became a passion and in 2007 I took the biggest decision of my life.I became a wedding photographer and still feel proud of listening to the little voice that prompted me to walk down the off-beaten path. Since then, every day has been a learning day for me. I love talking to new people and being a part of their important day by being their wedding photographer.
In Bali, we are blessed with so much of beautiful views that my work never gets boring. People from all over the world come here to tie their knots which gives me a unique opportunity to them and enrich my life. So, if you decide to get married in Bali, I will consider myself lucky to be a part of this grand union and make it immortal through my lenses. Please do not hesitate to contact me. I really look forward to getting to know you!