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Choose the right wedding videographer in Bali

How to choose the right wedding video company in Bali A wedding requires a lot of planning and you can have the perfect wedding only if you hire the right services. One of the most stressful decisions that a couple has to take is hiring a wedding video. Wedding video is costly and if you […]

Bali Wedding Photographer

Professional Bali Wedding Photographers

Your friend is pouring wine for everyone. You are excited and this is your day, your greatest day. You are happy and cannot think of anything else now. As they raise their glasses you also join in. You hold your glass high, a little higher and know that this moment will fade soon. But you […]


Why you need a vacation photographer

What’s the best thing about a vacation? The photographs. Don’t you love looking at them and reliving the memories? Most of us do but the problem is you have to remain occupied with the camera to capture the beautiful moments. You may miss out on enjoying the sceneries, spend time with the family, and if […]