• About Me

    Iwan has a great passion of travelling and photography, so he got his first job in tourism industry that forced him to come to Bali. Iwan directly fell in love with Bali when the first time he landed on this land and directly decided to settle down in Bali. In 2007 he decided to give up all of his other jobs to chased his main passion…. photography. Iwan became full time professional wedding photographer starting on that year up to today. Because of his high consistency of high quality images, in very short term he became one of the most popular wedding photographers in Bali who has to handle around 100 photo sessions of wedding or pre wedding in a year. Some of his works already being published by overseas publisher likes Sunday Times Australia, Destinations Wedding in New Zealand, Bride Magazine Australia and many others.

    Because of high demand then he started to recruit some photographers to work with him. He trained about his style to ensure a very high quality of images standardization. He has a team of editors which all photos output came from same editors team. So now, Iwan offers photograph by his team or himself with the same style and same standard of quality.

    If you have any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.